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What is Crown Rock?

The answer lies in another question: what is design? In large part design is communication. Communication happens through body language, facial expressions, visual imagery and more. Part of the evolution of mankind was communication through oral and written language. We each need a name to identify ourselves. My given names are Steve and Alan.

Much of English language is rooted in Greek and Latin, as well as other languages. Throughout history a name has been considered to be more than words and to have its own power. I was given the task of naming my design persona and so I looked to the roots of my names, probably because language was a major part of my higher education.

Steven - from the Greek, meaning "Crown, wreath, honour."

Alan - from Celtic etymology it may be a diminutive of a word meaning "Rock."

The pairing of the words was pleasing to my ear. Professionally, it is similar to a production company, and the name of a town in Steven King novels, Castle Rock. It played to my boyhood imaginations. I'm certainly an adult, yet the child within us is a major source of our creativity.

It also was different to what I saw many classmates doing. They were using the traditional versions of their names, such as Donald Douglass Design, Susan Smith Studio, etc. The muses provided no greater inspiration, so I hoisted my banner on my ship and set sail as Crown Rock.

Where are we going?

As our world evolves at an every increasing pace, it is important to remember our foundations. Art and science are the foundations of our lives. Design uses both to enhance the quality of life. Art takes us through a sensual journey with visual and auditory stimuli. Through science we discover and manipulate the physical aspects of our world.

Design organizes our world in ways that makes sense, eliminating chaos. It also allows us to see our world in ways that we have not previously experienced. This allows us to focus our energy to work with greater ease and higher yield. Design creates order, enabling understanding.

Digital design has a wonderfully elastic palette, and it increases every year. We can use multi-media to better engage the user. With animation our web pages are "more alive". In the realm of digital design, one's limits are determined by knowledge, imagination and drive. "Dream it and make it real". The reward of creating something from nothing is what drives me forward. Good is not enough. It has to be the best it can be.

My design tools include Adobe CC Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, along with other apps. I work in creating imagery that resembles both nature and modern life, as well as the more abstract and ethereal.

My web development began, so to speak, in 2002 with WYSIWYG use of Front Page. Today it is based on HTML5, CSS3 and a increasing range of JavaScript. Continual learning includes GitHub, Ruby on Rails, CSS animation, Sass, LESS, Bootstrap and the skills of Responsive Design. What other job has so many opportunities to expand one's skillset?

I find value in all creative endeavors. Graphic design is enjoyable, but web development is where my heart lives. I keep learning new development tools as fast as I can and there are tons of resources today. I like to push my boundaries into all avenues of development. There is always a new challenge waiting for me.

My goal is to enjoy my work, while I produce web projects to meet standards, to exceed clients goals, and to be on the cutting edge of development. Personally, I want to contribute to society and to earn my place in a creative workforce.

So my goal is a journey that is always reaching for the horizon and touching it with my fingertips.

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