Welcome to Villa Francesca

Our Food

From generations of heritage, our food is based on family recipes from Tuscany.

Freshness and quality ingredients are the bedrock of great food. We source our produce and proteins from local suppliers and never use packaged or frozen foods. Everything we serve is made from scratch every day.

Food is for both nutrition and pleasure, our food is made for taste and texture. Our pasta is light and delicate, it holds its form but will virtually melt in your mouth. Come and sit, you'll be glad you did.

fresh, handmade tagliatelle that melts in your mouth
Paolo and Francesca enjoying their wine

Our Wines

Wine is the life blood of Italy. For the past few years Italy has led the world in wine production. With over 350 varietals and grown in every region of Italy, it's easy to see why wine is an important part of our lives.

For our customers, we have wines for every palette and budget. Of course, half of our cellar is devoted to wines from Chianti and other regions of Italy. Fear not, we also have wines from every continent.

Superb Italian red wines in the cellar

Our Drinks

We staff a full bar with servers, our mixologists are well versed in their art and have a few creations of their own. We carry major brands of beer and, of course, we carry craft beers from local breweries.

Freshly prepared juices and several brands of botteled water and mineral water, as well as, soft drinks are available.